High-quality washing and detailing: your car will shine again

● gentle and high-quality removal of the most persistent body dirt;
● the use of professional materials that preserve the paintwork of the body and
provide additional protection from mechanical damage;
● the best price-quality ratio of washing and detailing services.

CarProf detailing packages

Time: 4-5 hours

Interior and exterior detailing washing: 85€ (passenger car), 95€ (SUV, van)

Pre-soaking of body and rims
Removal of pitch
Deep washing of rims
Hand wash with shampoo
Wheel arch rim wash
Door gap washing
Applying tire shine
Complete drying of all surfaces with drying wax.
Windshield washer fluid filling
We remove the floor mats and clean the car interior of loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner. With the help of compressed air, hard-to-reach places, air grates, chests, etc., are cleaned. All plastic, vinyl, and leather surfaces are cleaned with detergent and dried with compressed air. The car interior is scented with an allergen-free perfume of the customer's choice. Deep cleaning is recommended, especially for black interiors.

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By visiting CarProf, you will be convinced of the high level of the company's service. After all, it is our mission to make cars cleaner and more beautiful, to give joy to customers from work flawlessly performed.